SuperTow is a special cable that has been developed in cooperation with our partner COTESI, and is specially designed for Towing applications.

Made from HT polyester, its construction of multi parallel cores maximizes rope breaking strength whilst the compact braided protective cover, comprise of several double twisted yarns, enhances life span by adding to the rope excellent abrasion resistance properties. The particular production process developed by COTESI, which starts from the first twisting phases up to the final assembly of the strands, allows us to obtain a cable whose primary feature, unlike many other cables in parallel construction, is to remain incredibly soft and easy to handle even after a long period of use.

The feedbacks received from the clients during these last years, together with the continuous research and development for improving our products, led to our latest version of the SuperTow, which includes features and solutions that enhances the lifespan of the cable even when used in the roughest conditions. In particular the attention has been focused on the way the protective jackets are finished on the cable.

Towing applications can be very stressing for the ropes and most of problems are due to chafing and abrasion that occur in particular in the first part of the cable, the one that is given to the towed Vessel.

So in our latest version of the SuperTow we tried to study a specific level of finishing in order to obtain a smoother cable, reducing any possible weakness, and ensuring that the protection covers stay in place even under heavy conditions.

And if the covers stay in place the core is always protected, meaning a longer life of the cable and a rope that is also nice to see after a long life cycle.




Click here to download the document of our SuperTow in order to discover all the upgrades of our latest version!