ZenaDyn is an ultra-high strength solution made from TREVO® yarns, an HMPE fibre produced by DSM. ZenaDyn ropes are produced in a 12 strands construction and are stronger than steel ropes in the same diameter.

It is specifically developed for the maritime industry in order to meet the need for light but strong ropes in a cost driven environment. Our ZenaDyn is is particulary indicated for the use as Main Lines and Pennants in the Towing field. Indeed its low elongation eliminates any banging and gives a confident feeling to the operator, with an immediate answer to the maneuver. Thanks to its floating structure and its high breaking load ZenaDyn allows to reduce the diameter and the total weight of the line, this means you need less operators for the handling operations. On request the cable can be supplied with HMPE cover for a further protection against chafing and damages. Jacket can be placed only on the eye, on the eye and over the splice, or all along the length of the cable.




  • More diameters available on request.
  • Weight and length tolerance: ± 5%
  • LDBF refers to the Line Design Break Force, the minimum force that a new, dry, spliced mooring line will break at when tested, according to OCIMF MEG4 recommendations.


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