Soft Shackles

In the TUG world SOFT SHACKLE is the perfect solution to link your main line to the pennant or the stretcher. It allows you to forget the conventional steel hardware, with a huge advantage in terms of cost saving, weight and maneuverability.

This also reduce the risk of the break in the line due to extra pulling forces. With the SOFT SHACKLE the operator can set a calculated breaking force for the tow line configuration, setting it as the strongest part or as the calculated weak link. Small sizes and low weight will result in a faster and easier connection, without sacrificing the reliability and the durability. Our SOFT SHACKLES are made from TREVO®, an HMPE fibre produced by DSM, and are available in 2/3/4 loops with increasing breaking loads. Standard version of the shackle is always protected with PET cover, but HMPE protection cover is also available on request. Info regarding the MBL and the number of laps are sprayed on the surface of the cover, so the crew can immediately recognize the configuration for an easier and faster installation on board. This also reduce the risk of mistakes. On request our Soft Shackle can be equipped with a polyester strip containing a microchip with NFC technology, in which all the relevant info about the product are stored. Anytime clients have all the info they need at their fingertips.



  • MBL are theoretical and based on a D/d ratio of 3.5 between the bend diameter and the Base Rope diameter
  • Indicated weights of final product are approximated and subject to variations
  • Standard version is supplied with PES jacket. HMPE cover is also avilable on request
  • Minimum internal length of the finished Soft Shackle (when closed) can be customized on Client's request


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