SUPERTOW is a special cable that has been developed in cooperation with our partner COTESI, and is specially designed for TOWING applications. Made from HT polyester, its construction of multi parallel cores maximizes rope breaking strength whilst the compact braided protective cover, comprise of several double twisted yarns, enhances life span by adding to the rope excellent abrasion resistance properties. 

Thanks to its perfectly balanced construction, even under stress condition the core of SUPERTOW always works evenly with the jacket. This avoid the fibres to suffer from rubbing, meaning a longer life of the cable and a higher number of tows. SUPERTOW is spliced with the new CS3 splice. This new technique maximizes rope LDBF (Line Design Breaking Force). Eyes are customized to customer needs and are always protected with coated Pro-Tech polyester and cordura covers. D-Web protection cover, made from HMPE fibres, can be added on the eyes and along the cable, increasing protection against chafing especially in particularly stressed areas.




  • Weight and length tolerance: ± 5%
  • Indicated breaking loads do not include any reduction in case of a rope with eye-spliced terminations
  • Produced and tested in accordance to the latest ISO standards

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