ZenaPower HMPE

ZenaPower rope is made in a totally new and most advanced construction. each strand of the rope is covered by high technical braided cover and straight fibre inside, that means excellent abrasion resistance and maximum fibre strength utilization.

This special construction made ZenaPower the perfect solution as main Line or Pennant for the Tug field and represent a great alternative to the most common cables made in parallel construction. Its 12 covered strand structure make the rope easier to be spliced (also by the crew in case of necessity on board), and it assures that the line remain extremely handy even after a long life cycle under rough conditions of use. HMPE version of our ZenaPower is supplied with core in Trevo® (produced by DSM). Each strand is than jacketed with a cover made from the same material, ensuring an unprecedented protection against abrasion and chafing. this also means a longer life of the cable and a significant reduction of the annual costs. This together with the high Braking Load and the low elongation (2% at 50% of MBL) made this cable the best solution you can find on the market.




  • More diameters available on request.
  • Weight and length tolerance: ± 5%
  • LDBF refers to the Line Design Break Force, the minimum force that a new, dry, spliced mooring line will break at when tested, according to OCIMF MEG4 recommendations.


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